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Key takeaways:

  • Rebranded Zebec Network comprises several blockchain-enabled payment and payroll products, establishing a versatile decentralized infrastructure network.
  • ZBC token transitions to ZBCN, maintaining identical tokenomics and governance structures.
  • The 1:10 token split renders ZBCN tokens more accessible while sustaining sufficient liquidity.
  • Emerging DePin system manages data and physical infrastructure, advancing the intersection between digital currencies and practical assets.


Welcome to the fascinating world of Zebec Network, previously recognized as Zebec Protocol. Undergoing a strategic transformation, the revamped brand encapsulates an extensive array of blockchain-powered payment and payroll products, forming a unified decentralized infrastructure network. Accompanying this shift comes the emergence of ZBCN, a new token embodying Zebec’s core values and vision. Delving deeper into the enhanced functionality and improved accessibility of ZBCN, this article explores Zebec Network’s remarkable achievements and bright prospects for the future.

From Zebec Protocol to Zebec Network

Rechristening itself as Zebec Network demonstrates the platform’s determination to broaden its horizons and foster a comprehensive ecosystem. Rather than being confined to a singular protocol, Zebec Network aspires to serve as an inclusive space for diversified blockchain tools and resources, aiming to streamline real-life value transfers efficiently and securely.

The Birth of ZBCN Token

Following the rebranding process, every ZBC token transformed into 10 newly minted ZBCNs. Throughout the migration window spanning April 10th to May 10th, both tokens operated concurrently, enabling a smooth transition. Upon completion, all remaining ZBC tokens were eliminated, leaving zero excess supplies in circulation. Existing holders received equal amounts of ZBCN tokens, maintaining parity throughout the switchover.

Preserving Tokenomics and Governance Integrity

Transitioning to ZBCN did not affect Zebec’s fundamental principles governing token distribution, usage, vesting, or lock-up periods. All stakeholders retained their voting rights, safeguarding the community’s influence and control. Curious minds may refer to the exhaustive documentation outlining ZBC tokenomics available on the Zebec website.

Expanding Utility: Introducing DePin

Beyond standard payment processing, Zebec Network introduces „DePin“ – a novel concept encompassing data and physical infrastructure management. Bridging the chasm between virtual currencies and tangible assets, DePin lays the foundation for forthcoming innovations and lucrative partnership opportunities within the burgeoning blockchain domain.

Enhanced Accessibility: The 1:10 Token Split

The ZBC to ZBCN token swap coincided with a favorable 1:10 split, rendering the latter more accessible and adaptable. Consequently, the expanding use cases require heightened liquidity levels without diluting current investor interests.

A Promising Future for Zebec Network

Emboldened by its ambitious roadmap, Zebec Network marches forward confidently, crafting a brighter tomorrow for decentralized finance aficionados and skeptics alike. Stay updated on Zebec’s latest breakthroughs and developments by visiting its official website or following Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channels. Remember always to perform thorough due diligence and seek expert opinions prior to engaging in any investment activities.

Stay informed on Zebec Network’s inspiring trajectory and discover the endless possibilities awaiting the global blockchain community.

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