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Discover the Fun World of Blockchain Gaming: A Friendly Guide to Using Wombat App

Hey there! Are you looking for a fun way to dip your toes into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies? Or maybe you’re searching for an enjoyable side hustle that pays you in digital coins? Look no further – welcome to Wombat App! This innovative platform combines the excitement of mobile gaming with the earning power of cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Let me walk you through the ins and outs of Wombat App, so you can start having fun and earning rewards today!

So, What Exactly Is Wombat App?

Launched in 2019 by a creative team in Berlin, Wombat App has taken off and now hosts over 1 million daily users who play games and earn crypto together. Essentially, Wombat creates a Web 3 gaming universe where gamers can enjoy high-quality mobile games and snag free cryptos and NFTs along the way. Currently, the app supports three major blockchain networks: EOS, Polygon, and WAX. Don’t worry about technical jargon though; setting up your account and navigating the app is super easy. Just follow these steps!

Step 1: Join the Furry Fold

Download Wombat App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then, register using your favorite email address or your handy Google account to speed up the process. Upon logging in, pick the blockchains you wish to activate – EOS, Polygon, and WAX work great for beginners.

Step 2: Get Acquainted with the App Layout

Take a few moments to explore the Wombat App UI. Important spots include the „Playground“ tab, where you grab cool games, and the „Wallet“ area, where you check your asset balance across different networks. Feel free to roam around and familiarize yourself with additional features like the Marketplace and Leaderboards.

Step 3: Game On! Collect Those Wombucks

Head to the „Playground“ and scan through the variety of games available. Choose a game, hit „Install,“ and voila! The game appears on your device. Open it, accomplish the given tasks, and rack up those sweet Wombucks. Keep in mind, Wombucks aren’t actual money but represent points earned during your gaming adventures.

Step 4: Trade Wombucks for Real Coins

Now, here’s the exciting part! Every week, Wombat sets aside a chunk of funds ($1,000!) distributed proportionately among contributors based on their Wombuck count. Claim your slice of the pie by cashing out in BTC or ETH. But remember, to withdraw your winnings, you’ll need a suitable external wallet because Wombat doesn’t facilitate direct withdrawals yet.

Boost Your Earnings with Extra Perks

Of course, scoring free cryptos isn’t the only way to win with Wombat App. Consider these bonus tactics to maximize your earnings:

  1. Score Daily Treasures: Finish daily missions to score Silver Chests filled with Wombucks, dollars, and NFTs. Save enough Wombucks (50K!) to nab a shiny Golden Chest brimming with better prizes.
  2. Flip NFTs: Snatch NFTs from Loot Chests or finished Quests and resell ‚em in the Wombat Marketplace. Who knows, your virtual art might fetch a pretty penny!
  3. Lock in NFT Stakes: Deposit your precious NFTs in the „Stake“ option inside Dungeon Masters and rake in regular dividends paid in WOMBAT tokens.
  4. Level Up with Tier Staking: Bolster your returns by locking away WOMBAT tokens depending on tier levels. Higher commitment means higher benefits, including increased rewards and exclusive event access.

Final Thoughts

With its blend of entertainment and financial gain, Wombat App brings a fresh perspective to the crypto space. Though young, this platform shows remarkable promise for growth as developers expand collaborations and fine-tune services. Give Wombat App a try if you fancy a delightful diversion or seek a lucrative pursuit. And hey, stay updated for future developments and improvements as Wombat continues to cater to its flourishing user base. Happy gaming! You can start earning here.

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