Metaplanet's Bitcoin Strategy
Metaplanet's Bitcoin Strategy

Metaplanet’s Bitcoin strategy has taken the financial world by storm, raising questions about the long-term viability and impact of this bold move.

Metaplanet’s Bitcoin Strategy: A Genuine Move or a Market Gimmick?

In light of Japan’s evident financial struggles, the investment firm Metaplanet has turned to Bitcoin. But is this Bitcoin strategy a serious long-term play, or just a tactic to prop up its faltering stock price?

Introduction to Metaplanet’s Bitcoin Investments

Metaplanet, a Japanese investment firm, recently purchased an additional $1.6 million worth of Bitcoin, bringing its total holdings to 141 Bitcoins, valued at approximately €8.6 million. This marks the company’s third Bitcoin acquisition since April 2024, and each purchase has significantly boosted its stock price. The strategy appears to be working.

The Genesis of the Bitcoin Strategy

Metaplanet, which has been investing in real estate and businesses for over a decade, initiated its Bitcoin strategy in April 2024. The firm designated Bitcoin as its strategic reserve currency, citing Japan’s substantial national debt, persistent negative interest rates, and the growing instability of the Yen as key reasons. Japan’s net debt ratio climbed to over 250% of its GDP last year, the highest among G7 countries, while the Yen has depreciated by more than 50% against the Dollar since 2021.

Japan’s Financial Woes

Japan’s financial troubles are increasingly hard to ignore. In contrast, Metaplanet describes cryptocurrencies as having „cemented their presence“ and becoming a clear part of the global financial system. There is little doubt, the company asserts, that Bitcoin now plays a role in international investment. With its April purchase of 117.7 Bitcoins, worth about $7.19 million, Metaplanet hopes Bitcoin will maintain its value compared to the Yen and serve as a highly liquid, long-term supportive currency.

Drawing Inspiration from MicroStrategy

Metaplanet has also taken a page from MicroStrategy, a U.S. company that has accumulated over 100,000 Bitcoins. In the same press release, Metaplanet announced plans to raise an additional 935 million Yen (approximately €5 million) through „Stock Acquisition Rights,“ akin to stock options, to buy more Bitcoins. This move aims to reduce the proportion of Yen in its portfolio and the associated risks, which Metaplanet calls a „strategic transformation“ on its website.

Subsequent Bitcoin Purchases

On May 10, Metaplanet purchased another 19.87 Bitcoins for 200 million Yen, followed by an additional 23.25 Bitcoins on May 10. Each of these acquisitions was accompanied by press releases in both Japanese and English, indicating Metaplanet’s intention to attract international investors.

Impact on Metaplanet’s Stock Price

These strategic moves have been timely for Metaplanet’s stock price, akin to a deus ex machina saving the hero from the brink of disaster. The stock had been following a typical „shitcoin“ pattern for many years, with sharp bubbles in the early 2000s and 2010s driving the price to several thousand Yen, only to see it steadily decline, reaching an all-time low of under 15 Yen in spring 2024. The Bitcoin strategy has brought some relief. The first purchase lifted the stock to 36 Yen, and by the end of May, it had risen to over 80 Yen. Following the third purchase last week, it briefly surged above 100 Yen, the highest value since 2020.

The Viability of Metaplanet’s Strategy

Whether Metaplanet can truly become Japan’s version of MicroStrategy, as some observers suggest, remains doubtful given the vastly different scales. Little is known about the company’s other investments or successes. The stock’s continuous decline over more than a decade indicates a company whose greatest achievement may be gaining stock market listing, subsequently leading a precarious existence as a penny stock.

The Broader Implications

Is it truly sensible for companies like Metaplanet to boost their stock price by publicly buying Bitcoins? Does this benefit anyone besides the owners and shareholders holding the bag? And does it help Bitcoin? Perhaps temporarily. However, what happens if this trend becomes widespread and the Bitcoin effect fades for companies that do not create lasting value? Will their Bitcoin holdings become a perpetual burden on Bitcoin’s price?


Metaplanet’s foray into Bitcoin is intriguing and has undeniably provided a short-term boost to its stock price. However, the long-term viability and impact of this strategy on both the company and the broader cryptocurrency market remain uncertain. As Japan’s financial issues persist, it will be interesting to see whether other firms follow Metaplanet’s lead or if this strategy proves to be a temporary fix rather than a sustainable solution.

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