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Resonance Security, a trailblazing cybersecurity firm, recently announced the closure of a $1.5 million Pre-Seed funding round led by renowned venture capital firms Arca, Fabric VC, and Blockchain Founders Fund. This substantial financial boost signifies a strong vote of confidence in Resonance Security’s vision to revolutionize cybersecurity solutions and protect organizations from escalating threats in both Web2 and Web3 environments.

Addressing a Wide Range of Threats

Founded in March 2023, Resonance Security brings together a seasoned team of experts dedicated to developing a distinctive suite of cybersecurity services targeting up to 80% of frequently disregarded attack vectors. By integrating software and human expertise, Resonance Security effectively covers gaps left behind by traditional audit methods. Its service offerings encompass:

  1. Penetration Testing: Certified professionals execute rigorous simulations of possible network breaches to expose hidden vulnerabilities.
  2. Extensive Code Auditing: Skilled analysts scrutinize source codes meticulously to ensure secure coding practices, detect potential flaws, and implement necessary remediations.
  3. Advanced Security Tools: An arsenal of state-of-the-art defensive mechanisms guard businesses against imminent and emerging perils.

With a focus on addressing intricate challenges confronting contemporary organizations, Resonance Security harnesses profound understanding, advanced technology, and agility to stay ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Merging Decades of Experience with Pioneering Strategies

Charles Dray, Founder & CEO of Resonance Security, shared his enthusiasm about the company’s achievement in fusing extensive practical know-how with inventive cybersecurity tactics. According to him, „We’ve managed to create a potent combination of software and services to deliver a flawless 360-degree cybersecurity experience.“ Looking forward, Resonance Security intends to reinforce its institutional foundation and devise personalized consumer solutions.

Praise From Influential Stakeholders

Top-tier industry advocates acknowledge Resonance Security’s pivotal function in fortifying cybersecurity defenses across Web2 and Web3 domains. For instance, Michal Benedykcinski of Arca applauded the company’s integrated strategy toward automating cybersecurity procedures, labeling it essential for preserving the resilience of budding Web3 endeavors. Moreover, Mansoor Madhavji from Blockchain Founders Fund appreciated Resonance Security’s initiative in simplifying cybersecurity processes, subsequently encouraging increased faith and widespread utilization of breakthrough Web3 technologies.


As Resonance Security continues expanding its footprint in the competitive cybersecurity landscape, the recent $1.5 million Pre-Seed funding injection propels the company closer to achieving its transformative ambitions. Leveraging support from esteemed partners such as Arca, Fabric VC, and Blockchain Founders Fund, Resonance Security poises itself to make lasting strides in protecting businesses from increasingly complicated online threats.

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