Mastercard's Peer-to-Peer Crypto TransactionsMastercard's Peer-to-Peer Crypto Transactions

Mastercard’s Peer-to-Peer Crypto Transactions: A New Era of Digital Payments in 14 Nations


In an era of rapid digital transformation, Mastercard, a global leader in the payments industry, has made a significant leap in the realm of cryptocurrency. On May 29, the company unveiled its groundbreaking Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transaction service using the Mastercard Crypto Credential. This innovative service, launched across 14 countries in Latin America and Europe, is set to redefine the convenience and security of crypto transactions.

The Mastercard Crypto Credential Service: A Comprehensive Overview:

Mastercard’s Crypto Credential service is a pioneering initiative that aims to simplify blockchain transactions between users in the specified regions. The service is initially available in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Uruguay.

The service is supported by major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bit2Me, Lirium, and Mercado Bitcoin, facilitating both cross-border and domestic transfers. This broad support and compatibility ensure that users have a wide range of options when it comes to conducting their crypto transactions.

Enhancing Transaction Ease and Security:

One of the key features of the Mastercard Crypto Credential is its ability to replace complex blockchain addresses with user-friendly aliases. This feature significantly enhances the ease of transactions, as users no longer need to deal with the intricacies of blockchain addresses.

Moreover, the Mastercard Crypto Credential system is designed to verify user interactions and ensure wallet compatibility. It checks the recipient’s wallet for compatibility with the transferred asset and exchanges metadata to confirm which assets or chains are supported by the recipient. This functionality adds a layer of trust and certainty to the transactions, enhancing user confidence in this new technology.

Regulatory Compliance and Future Applications:

Mastercard’s commitment to compliance and security is evident in the incorporation of the Travel Rule protocol in the Crypto Credential service. The Travel Rule is a regulatory requirement that aims to provide transparency and prevent illicit activities in cross-border transactions. By adhering to this protocol, Mastercard ensures that its crypto transaction service is not only innovative and user-friendly but also secure and compliant.

The potential applications of the Mastercard Crypto Credential extend beyond simple cryptocurrency transactions. In the future, this technology could be used for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital ticketing, and other innovative payment solutions. This forward-thinking approach by Mastercard is a testament to its commitment to leveraging modern technology to redefine the landscape of financial transactions.

The Growing Popularity of Crypto in Latin America:

The launch of the Mastercard Crypto Credential is particularly timely, as interest in cryptocurrency continues to surge in Latin America and around the world. Walter Pimenta, Executive Vice President of Products and Engineering at Mastercard Latin America and the Caribbean, has emphasized the company’s ongoing efforts to innovate and lead in the realm of secure payment solutions.

Meanwhile, Roberto Dagnoni, CEO of 2TM and owner of Mercado Bitcoin, has expressed his enthusiasm about collaborating with Mastercard. He believes that this pilot project has significant potential to accelerate the future of global financial transactions.


Mastercard’s initiative to launch a P2P crypto transaction service is a significant step towards making blockchain-based financial services more accessible and user-friendly. By enhancing the convenience and security of crypto transactions, Mastercard is paving the way for broader adoption of cryptocurrencies across diverse markets. As the world continues to embrace the digital revolution, Mastercard’s innovative initiatives in the realm of crypto are set to redefine the future of payments.

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