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This Helium Stock Outperformed Bitcoin in the Last Month – And It’s Not What You Think

Bitcoin has been on a tear lately, surging 183% in the past year. But there’s another investment that has been quietly crushing it in the last month – and it’s not a tech or biotech company.

It’s a company that deals with a physical commodity that you might not think of as valuable. But it’s actually essential for many industries and technologies.

The company is…

Pulsar Helium Inc. ($PSRHF).

Pulsar is a helium exploration and development company. They find and extract helium from underground deposits. You might associate helium with balloons and funny voices, but it’s much more than that.

Helium is a vital coolant for many applications, such as: nuclear reactors, MRI machines, and semiconductor factories. It’s also used in aerospace, medicine, and research.

Pulsar’s main asset is a high-grade helium deposit in Lake County, Minnesota. This is one of the richest helium sources in North America. Pulsar plans to turn this site into a profitable helium mine.

I haven’t invested in Pulsar yet, as they are still in the early stages of development. But I’m intrigued by their potential and their impressive performance.

Pulsar’s stock has soared 142% in the last 30 days, beating Bitcoin and most other investments.

There are some key lessons to learn from Pulsar’s story:

  • Don’t Ignore “Boring” Information – Pulsar’s helium deposit was discovered in 2011 by another mining company that was looking for copper. They didn’t pursue it further, and it was only a minor local news item. But if you had read the local paper and learned about the helium discovery, you would have had an edge when Pulsar announced their plans to develop it.
  • Look for Hidden Opportunities in Your Area – The Midwest is known for its agriculture and manufacturing. But it also has a wealth of natural resources and minerals. For example, Minnesota has about 95% of America’s nickel reserves and 75% of its platinum group metals. Most people outside the Midwest don’t know this, but if you live there, you might have an advantage in spotting opportunities. The same goes for any other region – there might be some hidden gems in your backyard.
  • Keep an Eye on Pulsar Helium – I’m following Pulsar closely, as they are an interesting and unique investment. They have a rare and valuable resource that is in high demand and low supply. They also have a strong team and a clear vision.

I’m also paying more attention to Midwest mining projects. This is a region that has a lot of untapped potential and is often overlooked by the mainstream media.

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. It is not financial advice, always do your own research.

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